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Steven J. Push The Road


Steven J. Push drives for the full warmth and vibrancy of a soft rock and roll musicality with this single The Road. The music takes a second to hit, that initial space and uncertainty paves the way beautifully for the seductive swagger and style that follows. The authentic rock and roll sound has been missing from music of late. Everything about this reignites its flair; the artist’s leading voice – the gravel, the passion – the guitar work, the distant vocal additions, the drums, the light distortion, the riffs. There’s so much character but at the same time it undoubtedly feels like a hit from a simpler time.

Aerosmith came to mind for me, the voice and the rhythm, the guitar licks, the concept. It’s a new piece of music to embrace but it appears with a calming level of nostalgia, which has not only been utilised but really well crafted and performed. Everything shines as it should, though the song finishes all too quickly – under three minutes of hypnotic, make-you-move rhythm and colour – a good thing in hindsight, you immediately want to start back over and embrace that optimism and that energy once more.

The lyrics work in favour of this style of song really well. Short lines guide you through, memorable snippets of ideas – The prize is right in front of me – and the use of a higher ended melody before a lower noted one creates that classic rock feel. Structurally this is a great way to go, and adding to that is the switch from the verse to the hook – it’s a stunning hook, effective but not overbearing. The mood seems to switch to the more reflective and emotional for the hook, the passion is there but it’s far from shouted at you. It’s a beautiful moment, encouraging and all-inclusive, making you feel inclined to join in. You can easily picture a live performance sweeping a crowd off their feet.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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