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Steve Aimless


Renowned for his creatively unpredictable approach to modern electronic music, the producer formerly known as Denkmensch, rebrands this season, and without the mask of an alter-ego.

Already offering fifteen original mixes, the new collection of tracks simply under the artist name of Steve, stretches expressively from the easy calm and colour of classical (272y J.S.Bach remind), through lo-fi rhythms and distant, haunting melodies, (classic reflections, Fragmented Being), and onwards into organ-led chaos and contrastingly stable drum-lines (Three Manifolds).

Most notably, the final track of this new playlist seems to encapsulate well the uninhibited, fearlessly honest manner of sound design that Steve has adopted.

Aimless celebrates the sheer escapism of crafting new music – losing oneself in the process, in the melodies, moods and rhythms that emerge when the mind is left to wander and the hands permitted the space to create in servitude.

Featuring a somewhat circus-like descending array of lightly uplifting melodies and notes, alongside a softly marching rhythm, Aimless gathers momentum throughout, and delivers a looping tuneful core that juxtaposes the freely evolving structure in a powerful way.

Despite its title, the track arrives at a peak, follows an apparent purpose, and ultimately enchants and satisfies the listener in a way that lingers once the music has stopped.

Defiantly a highlight, but also merely an introduction to a multitude of originals that genuinely breathe new life into the current electronic and ambient scenes. An easy must to delve into right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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