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Sterlin9 DarkSide [gimmie the loot]


Anuhigh’s Sterlin9 kicks in with style and confidence on the late-night anthem that is DarkSide (Gimme The Loot).

A haunting soundscape and classic hip hop beat fuse creatively to back up a meandering vocal flow – which is equally creative, yet consistently sticks to the underlying pace and rhythm in a flawless manner.

Crafting a unique story around you, blending familiar hip hop references with a more personal sense of identity, the track is easily recognisable and refreshing in offering such conceptual intention and clarity.

The accompanying video furthers all of this, using simple imagery and colour contrast to showcase a performance – the artist exposed and building all the more-so upon that sense of identity and character. The clip was actually shot by the gravestone where Sterlin9’s father was buried – a tragic loss as a result of gun crime, and an undertone that really changes the way you experience and receive this track.

It’s a heavy single, with great production from HeartBoy, and an impressive performance and lyrical backbone from Sterlin9.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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