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Startz and Endz Live Show from Levitt at the Falls, South Dakota


Indie rock and ska’s unmistakable Startz and Endz showcase the full breadth of their ability as an organic band, with the newly uploaded live stream of their festival show from Levitt at the Falls, South Dakota.

Featuring an unedited thread of the band making their way through the newest songs of their repertoire, the forty-five minute set lets fans bridge the gap between artist and audience, creating a connection to the musicians in their clear unity and joy on the stage.

Startz and Endz drive with an essential fusion of passion and professionalism, making them the perfect band for any event of this nature. Their shared grace and personality when performing to a packed festival crowd is a pleasure to witness, and brings their timeless songs to life in a whole new way.

The set begins with On The Bus, the band presenting their indie pop-punk style with a twist of ska, the vocals capturing affection from the start, and the solos and set-up swiftly prompting audience participation and dancing.

We move seamlessly into Drifter, an evocative angle no less distinct as the band continue to master the space, before frontman Bubba Startz proceeds to inject that crucial touch of humanity and heart for the spoken segments between songs The set then delves into the all the more emotive acoustic tones of a heartfelt and beautifully relatable upcoming single True Meaning.

Versatility is a must, and Startz and Endz more than deliver on that. Following the sneak preview of True Meaning, the band raise the pace for the explosive rock energy and optimism of their brand new release Building Today. A personal favourite from their catalogue, Building Today hits with even greater impact in the live setting – the band put on a brilliant show, and clearly lift the mood of the crowd with musicality and conceptual inspiration alike.

Pop-punk cranks up the tempo for the Americana story and structural uniqueness of Fools, before the keys, bass, guitar, and drums combo reaches colourful peaks, for the memorable Bell. The intensity rises here, the band finding their flow at pace and capturing the attention of listeners further afield. Then we shift into the timeless appeal of reggae, with the catchy gem Forgetting You.

The band bring a touch of mainstream pop-rock influence with the accessible Everlasting, whilst Rise Up chooses the distortion and soulful grit of classic rock and roll – both of these beautifully highlighting the hopeful positivity and kindness at the heart of all their songwriting.

Wrapping up the show is the March single Triple Fine, a lasting favourite that lays down the distinct tone and talent of Startz and Endz in an infectious way. It’s a great closing song, colourful and uplifting, and is easily one of the band’s most memorable tracks to date.

The Sioux Falls show was a crowd pleaser without a doubt, and given the clear work ethic and host of events, podcasts and new releases in the pipeline, Startz and Endz are taking 2024 by storm. Get involved.

Find Startz and Endz on Facebook, Instagram & their Website. Video produced by South Dakota Public Broadcasting in collaboration with the Friends of Levitt Shell, Sioux Falls, LLC.

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