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Alt-rock honesty in both topic and presentation leads us alluringly into the raw, poetic and revealing Pity, from Brisbane creatives STAN.

Delicate from the outset and lyrically simple yet striking, Pity grabs attention for its distant vocal placement and seemingly live guitar sound. There’s humility in the opening moments, and as we switch to the sudden grit and passion of the heavier version of this phrase, that quality multiplies, and contrast works its magic to a mighty degree.

Feeling like a classic alt-rock or shoegaze crossover track from a simpler time, Pity connects with ease the very first time you hear it. The drop to that impassioned hook is brilliant, the callout of the title – of Pity Me, at volume – begs for you to feel involved, to join in, to relate and reflect.

Later on, further details are humbly introduced, never so much so that a disconnect occurs though – far from it. STAN impress, making fine use of authenticity above all else, and employing the known building blocks of classic indie rock for a genuinely engaging, believable and memorable listen.

An addictive alternative anthem for the contemporary rock fan. Well worth a few streams as the new year swings into view.

Download Pity via Bandcamp. Checkout STAN on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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