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Soup Black Big Plans


Fresh from the album You For Me, Or You Against, Big Plans makes for a mighty introduction to Soup Black and his passionate and expressive way with words and music. The track is fairly minimalist from a musical perspective, an uncommon and quite refreshing approach right now. The intro takes its time to set up the groove, then to begin with all you hear is that leading voice – that passion and these ideas. This later evolves into detailed story-telling and a genuine run-through of who the artist is and what this is all about.

As the track moves along, the melodic vocals that come into play add a sort of soulful RnB layer to the experience, and surrounding this there are instrumental flickers of funk and organic musicianship that help build something enjoyably real. That underlying concept is well represented, the hook melody that offers this idea of Big Plans is one that’s memorable but not intrusively so – there’s a slight alternative air to it all, which is a pleasure to listen to among today’s musical landscape of simple and often just two-note hooks that repeat and repeat. The realness here is a joy to witness, and the professional structuring and finish on the single lets it shine as brightly as possible.

Big Plans isn’t the most lyrically dense single, for the most part you get lost in the groove of the music and indeed in that melodic outro. There’s a bright sense of togetherness and warmth to this musicality, and nothing else really needs to be said. Soup Black keeps things to the point and understands the importance of letting the music work in unison with the lyrics. The second time you listen, those opening verses stand a little taller, and you connect with and appreciate that rap flow and how unique the vocal tone is. The album in full is worth a look for fans of classic hip hop.

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