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SoRi I Am Not Alone (Prod. by Folded Dragons) [Official Video]


Seoul’s Sori Kim – otherwise known as SoRi – is a creative artist with a vast and varied background in entertainment and performance. This latest release, a collaborative effort with producer Folded Dragons, is an emotive and powerful pop song, with a progressive and brilliantly uplifting dance aspect, and comes complete with a visually stunning performance video. Absolutely worth the time it takes to experience.

I Am Not Alone is a release that builds up and explores its own concept in an increasingly artistic way. This goes for the song and the video alike. A quietly manic piano part kicks things into gear, the pace is mellow, the vocals gentle and intentional – the choreography in the video offers a similar level of calm to begin with; a moment of stillness, followed by a bright and purposeful awakening. As things build, as the audio layers intertwine and unite, the energy rises, sweeping the listener away on the emotion of the moment, and the dance performance visually reinforces this by showcasing a notable rise in passion and intensity.

The whole thing makes for an artistically brilliant and clearly well thought-out production, pop-art at its finest. A strong and impressive introduction to both Folded Dragons and the artist and mind that is SoRi.

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