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SONNY Into You


Hailing from Garut in West Java, now creating out of Jakarta, long-time guitarist and songwriter Sonny brings a welcomed twist of humility and heart to alternative rock.

Introducing the outright power of his writing and vocal style, with delicacy and weight intermittently at the helm, the debut single Into You promises a nostalgic and mighty deep-dive into the intricacies of human desire and connection.

Featuring a soaring instrumental arrangement of multiple guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, Into You displays its own creatively unique sound and style – qualities that are swiftly becoming calling cards for the born performer Sonny.

Somewhat elusive in real life, Sonny’s humility gifts his music an added twist of identity and purpose. His energy on stage is unmatched, along with his precision and power as an artist, but outside of performing, Sonny chooses a quiet life – with a simple commitment to becoming the best musician and songwriter he can be.

Initially igniting an exciting rock soundscape complete with an anthemic vocal hook that begs for audience participation, Into You soon progresses through unexpectedly grunge and prog-rock-like verses, within which Sonny exercises the unique nuances and impressive versatility of his meandering voice.  

Falling away at just the right moments, building up to drop back in with more intensity and passion, Into You delivers a timeless rock hit, and at the same time presents a sense of escapism that’s addictive to experience at volume.

Noting slick guitar solos and superb vocal diversity, the writing of Into You is as engaging and likable as its performance and recording. Undoubtedly a composer, songwriter, and frontman with a world of talent to share, Sonny’s release of Into You marks the beginning of an unignorable new story. Watch this space.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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