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Solar Strides Building Bridges / Electric


Rock and roll is alive, thriving, and in perfectly safe hands. Solar Strides emerge this season with two singles set to reignite the indie-rock anthem eras – the ones that drew a hearty crowd and offered that raw and real escapism the mainstream just couldn’t provide.

Beginning with the brilliantly infectious and energetic Building Bridges, the style sees fast-paced guitar riffs rain down amidst powerful drum-work, poetic and poignant lyricism, and a certain purity and authenticity that’s quick to connect.

From a conceptual perspective, the idea is well-known – we understand what it means to build bridges, we know what it is to burn them, and we’re likely to draw connections between the title and the current social climate across the globe. Whether the lyrics follow suit or not, the high-energy and addictive rock soundscape that pours through undoubtedly suits the angst and uncertainty likely conjured up.

As you look a little closer, superb song structuring allows certain lyrical moments to really grab you – from the bare and distant lead, to the call-and-response choir that adds dynamic later on, and including all of the artistic refrains in between – the whole thing begs for you to be a part of it; as was the original call of indie rock.

Fusing all that is real rock and roll – the carefree embrace, the full-throttle distortion and passion, the togetherness – with a touch of Brit Pop and a clear thread of superb musicianship – this single makes for a mighty introduction to a band well worth looking out for during the coming months and years.

Before you get to hear it though, the band’s first single to emerge will be the somewhat more optimistic, lighter and more colourful Electric. Enter a whole new level of Brit Pop, a stronger vocal – more clarity, a more varied long-form melody. Once again though, this is the sound of Solar Strides – eclectic yet deliberate, and easily recognizable. In this case, beautiful guitar work adds a flicker of Americana to the mix, and a touch more space allows for a really intimate and revealing delivery.

The performance showcases a whole other side to the band, and these personal, loving lyrics present gratitude and passion intertwined. An easy hit, way more mainstream-friendly on some levels, but still alternative enough to satisfy and refresh.

Brilliant, I can’t wait to hear more. Listen loud.

Building Bridges will be released in the next seven days. Find & follow Solar Strides on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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