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Soche Loose Fiction


A debut EP with a unique fusion of contemporary styles and a quickly recognisable vocal tone, Loose Fiction introduces the sound of Soche in an immersive and creative way.

From simple beginnings, Scheme On lights up the room with minimal layers of colour, plenty of space, and a vocal lead that’s mellow yet confident as it meanders through this opening story. Throw in a clever inflection for a melodic hook, a worthy resolve, and the whole thing feels like an alternative pop-hip-hop anthem. A strong start to the EP.

Tiptoes follows and feels a little more like the standard hip hop of recent years – minus the overuse of autotune. Soche keeps things clear and real, and despite the minimalism again in the soundscape, this becomes a likeable trait, and allows a notably varied, eclectic flow to connect of its own accord. Slowly but surely the track talks of struggle, detail, reality, and captivates for these honest qualities.

Low Key In The OC keeps things simpler still but offers another creative, almost tribal beat, great vocal rhythm, flickers of melody, and an overall anthem that holds attention well and simultaneously energises. There’s a hint of world-music vibes to the set-up, and this continues throughout a steel-drum-led and melodically hypnotic Out Of Your Shell – a definite highlight, addictive melodies, relatable concept yet framed in a fresh way, with impressive story-telling.

Smooth late-night RnB vibes pour through for an equally exotic, subtle bounce of a track that is Secluded. A few more layers build a fuller soundscape, and the contrast between vocal moments, raps, melodies, and instrumental space, works brilliantly. Another highlight.

Vocabulary stands out further still for its spacious set-up yet varied vocal flow and the rising intensity of certain repeats and refrains. Lyrically interesting, designed like an after-party EDM track but with a vocal lead that compels – better still as a highlight, and a personal favourite.

Towards the end of the project, Rich Quick injects a further hit of classic hip hop with a strong focus on personal drive and determination. Then Cruise Control / Stay Awake finishes things up on a dark and stylish note, with further blending of metaphor and reality – amidst another creatively free soundscape.

Undoubtedly an album that gets better as it moves along – and indeed with each re-visit. Slowly but surely the creative edge and personality of Soche, along with these gripping, deeply personal stories, shines with unquestionable brightness.

The production style is unusual, the presentation fairly gentle, laid-back, but this works in its favour – and keeps the focus on the mood and the stories. A more than worthy debut, with some refreshing lyrical framing of unexpected concepts.

Download or stream Loose Fiction here. Check out Soche on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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