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sobmusic Boldly Versatile Pop Rock Producer


From pop-punk anthems to sultry soul and jazz-pop arrangements – strong hooks and musical diversity remain unbreakable roots of the sobmusic production approach.

Polish producer and multi-instrumentalist Lukasz Sobczyk – known to the realm as sobmusic – launched a recent showreel depicting an eclectic array of original songs, varying in everything from pace and style to instrumentation, genre, emotion, and songwriting.

The professional drummer and recording musician always leads with an evocative sense of purpose, delivering precisely the right kind of vibe in every case – a stripped-back piano lead for heartfelt ballads, a bigger-band fullness for catchy hits.

sobmusic’s mixing ability stands tall throughout, each piece resounding well at volume thanks to a professional and passionate balancing of intricate ability, professionalism, and experience.

Already noting dozens of collaborations, sobmusic is set to realise a huge new project this coming summertime, and is no doubt on track to light up the indie music realm with a unique pairing of emotional conviction and unlimited musical skill.

Whether a song leads with deeply moving choirs of voices, or a simple and more characterful single lead, the surrounding music can either elevate or flatten a performance, and with everything Sobmusic touches, the former is categorically true.

Listen to this interview or find producer sobmusic on Facebook, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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