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Smoking Martha What’s Her Name?


Smoking Martha are back with a bang for their latest single and video for What’s Her Name. The track emerges as the thick and addictive sound we’ve come to love from the band, yet as things progress the new song has a style and leading melody that draws inspiration from a few new places, and it sounds awesome.

The track is great, you can turn it up loud and completely fall into the experience with no concern for anything else. Structurally the band have put an incredible amount of thought into how things will grow, how each moment will evolve into the next, and it’s brilliantly effective. The song is notably melodic, with an unforgettable hook, and there is enough of that heavy intensity to keep the energy high, yet also plenty of that softer, more revealing side to the music – those moments in which you get a little closer to the story, and you hear a little more of those vocal intricacies that are so unique to Smoking Martha.

The way in which the guitar riffs and the leading melody contrast and compliment each other in this one works really well in creating this immense soundscape for listeners to lose themselves in. The bridge section brings more of the same, though an entirely new set of riffs, vocal power, and a classic rock solo. The elements are there for the crisp and full finish of a great rock track, and the passion and power in the performances are the perfect final touch. The accompanying video for What’s Her Name allows fans to witness the band in full throttle performance mode, in a room adjacent to one with a theatrically dramatic fight taking place – pillows and all. The whole thing comes to a climax in a pretty memorable way, and perfectly in keeping with the concept of the song. Check it out below.

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