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Smoking Martha Say You’re Mine


Smoking Martha are a band with a great energy and a brilliant level of musical skill. The sound has the classic, heavy yet melodic backbone of punk-pop or even pop-rock, but there’s also a lot about it that is unique to the band.

Say You’re Mine¬†is a song loaded with feeling. The emotion inherent in the theme and the lyrics is presented in an incredibly powerful and honest manner by the band’s leading vocalist. Her performance is strong and confident, yet also very genuine – the feelings are real, the passion is consistently evident, and all of this comes through with just a single listen. The sound of her voice in itself is massively unique – it’s the perfect kind of voice for an indie rock band, but it’s also loaded with soul and style and character, which is something quite rare, and this makes the song sound even more believable, memorable, and real.

Structurally the song has a lot going for it. The verses pull you in well, the hook holds your attention, then the middle eight breaks off and away in some unexpected direction – melodically and rhythmically – which is brilliant. The band have utilised their own creativity in more ways than one, and so not only are the musical performances all well executed and all doused in just a little bit of that crucial personality, but there’s also originality in the way the song itself develops and changes.

Everything that’s been incorporated plays a part in making the song reach out and grab listeners, and it does. You’d recognise the track and the sound of the band in an instant if the song started playing somewhere – the riffs, the voice, the energy, the hook. It’s a great sound – exciting and authentic in every way. A live performance from Smoking Martha is a must.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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