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Sluka Number One


In a world overflowing each day with independent and even mainstream music that is brand new, which showcases the caliber of performance and writing as being generally high or at least professionally crafted these days, it’s still notable that the presence of creative freedom and the sound of limitless artistry within music is all too often left out of the equation. With Sluka’s music, audiences can rely upon his somewhat visionary approach to audio to bring them songs that surprise and satisfy, that intrigue and entertain, that do their own thing and do it with unique style – Number One is a superb place to start.

Not to ruin the onslaught of expression for new listeners, but despite the blissful ambiance of the opening ukulele part and the poetic, reflective, even spiritual nature of the lyrics, what unfolds later on is so far removed from what may be expected, that other songs thereafter may seem significantly predictable in comparison. There’s a certain manic energy to the sound that emerges as the song progresses, though in among the instrumental mayhem there is a distinct melody, a distinct leading voice, and a distinctly memorable hook that implants its idea in your mind after just a single appearance.

The way in which the artist presents his songwriting and performance style has a touch of 70’s rock to it that’s not unlike that of the era’s releases from Bowie, or from similar, creative, experimental artists from that time. The gentle nature of the introduction makes for a powerful contrast with what follows; it sets an emotional tone that is swiftly blown out of the water and reinvented almost entirely, all the while sweeping you off of your feet. The artist’s adjustment of his own vocal performance feeds into the change superbly, and the song hits hard with every step of rhythm and energy and emotion. This is the refreshing sound of songwriting that is free from imposed, societal standards, that showcases creative freedom, yet that satisfies effectively as all skillfully composed and thoughtfully structured music should.

The song Number One is from the album Colorful Radiation, Sluka’s 11th album to date. Download the release via iTunes or Amazon. Visit his Website for more music & info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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