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SlickMick yo im gettin on my lit shit


SlickMick’s return at the hit of the new year brings a smooth and soulful hip hop track with a mellow energy and calming rhythm. yo im gettin on my lit shit is a simple track, the building blocks are easy going and colorful in a classic jazz-fusion fashion. Lyrically too the song deals with laid back subject matter and SlickMick presents this in a similarly calm and collected way.

Since his last single Dance with a Car in Pattayathere seems to be a more finely tuned or honed production quality to the music. The beat and the vocal walk in unison on this release, keeping the vibe strong and letting the ideas pour through in a free-flowing, almost stream of consciousness style approach. The various verses veer off down unpredictable pathways, never in a detailed story-telling style but always laying bare some new side to the artist and his personality.

The track’s hook is undoubtedly where the memorable aspect lies, as is generally the case. In terms of music as escapism though, or seeking out that go-to, soothing hip hop vibe that fans of the genre often crave – the overall energy of the entire piece is where the main glow of the experience falls, and that’s a great thing.

The hook is minimalist, familiar in some ways, and it presents a sentiment that many listeners will likely relate to and appreciate as the new year settles in. The musicality has a refreshing crispness alongside of some enjoyably retro synth sounds – and this, combined with the mellow bounce of the beat and the consistent rhythm of SlickMick’s vocal, makes for an easy to embrace few minutes. There are as many moments of laid back lyrical outpouring as there are of those that run a little deeper and ponder the more intricate parts of life.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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