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SlickMick Dance with a Car in Pattaya


A fairly infamous piece of music backs up this unique offering from Australian rapper and artist SlickMick. The famous piano riff, the Dance With The Devil sample, as it’s most commonly known – from the one and only Immortal Technique – kicks things off and keeps the vibe constant and comforting throughout. You need that comfort and that calm to take on the weight of the lyrical subject matter of this single. SlickMick has been through something that’s difficult to imagine. The detail offered on this single is unwavering, holding nothing back, appearing as a mellow freestyle, essentially – a one-take expression of story-line and emotional impact.

From a recording perspective the vocals here feel a little retro in their placement within the track. It’s almost as if you’re listening to a personal recording, some late night capture that was never meant for public ears. On the other hand, as a rapper, SlickMick has undoubtedly catered his lyricism to an audience – you know the full story by the end of the song, it’s just that it feels more like an attempt to come to terms with it himself, rather than to seek understanding from others. In either case, it works – you’re held captive by the lyrics and the information that pours through.

The musical backdrop accompanies the mood of the story and the effect it’s had on the artist in a pretty unshakable way. There’s something reflective and mildly haunting about it all, but there’s also a definite sense of confidence to the performance, and a feeling that things are getting better – that difficulty leads to greater strength, maybe. The intimate recording style adds to the inherent personal touch, the truth, the realness. You’re right there in the room with him as he presents this harrowing series of events. The rhymes and the consistency in the flow appear more and more impressive as you make your way through the track, and as the details of the story pile up. There’s undeniably something very unique about the artist and this particular song, this back story. It’s pretty compelling to witness.

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Rebecca Cullen

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