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Sleep Keepers Sun Sets At Daybreak / November


Sleep Keepers have recently released a piano led collection of tracks for the EP Hearts Get No Sleep. The new sound is quite far removed from their usual style of music, but you wouldn’t be able to tell this just from listening.

The track Sun Sets At Daybreak / November is a hugely atmospheric and captivating opening track. It strikes as a deeply emotional yet undeniably stylish and professional portrayal of music and songwriting. The sound has a maturity about it that leads you to listen only to the music in it’s complete state; you’re not left picking apart the various moments or trying to make sense of anything, you’re just engulfed in the soundscape and the moment.

It’s an extremely artistic release, the piano playing alone is beautiful and sets the perfect kind of vibe within which the supporting song can thrive. The vocals on the track are all at once intense and gentle, there’s a dreamlike softness to the sound, but it seems like something much bigger than your average, floating through the mind, vocal-led trip hop track. There are a multitude of styles touched upon within the song, and it’s quite mesmerizing to listen to, yet you really don’t focus on these individual ideas at all – as mentioned, the music works as one, the song leaves you alone as quickly as it found you, and what follows is an innate desire to listen once more to really get an understanding of it.

There’s a slight hint of an orchestral meets metal influence with the release, and this adds a lot of style and power, though there’s no heaviness instrumentally – only the building intensity of the music, the melody, the lyrics, and the performances. As the voices combine and increase and intertwine, this wall of sound comes forwards that lays heavy on your chest a little, and then soon enough it all falls away, and you’re left with the sound of the world just echoing around you.

It’s a strong piece of music, it expresses something far beyond your expectations, and in many ways it leaves you longing for more. A good time to head over and check out the entire EP Hearts Get No Sleep.

Find and follow Sleep Keepers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Check out the track Sun Sets At Daybreak / November over on Soundcloud. There’s also a Crowdfunder in place at the moment that you can head over and get involved with to help the band finish their upcoming LP; which looks set to be an immensely impressive and significantly heavier project. Visit their Website for more information.

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  1. Your review of Sleep Keepers’ Sun Sets At Daybreak / November prompted me to listen to the 11 minute You Tube stream. What a great way to hear the entire EP. For me it felt like one piece, in three parts. Brilliant.

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