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Sky Orchid The River


Whenever I think the year is coming to a steady close, something reignites the energy again and reminds me how awesome people and the music they make can be. The River by Sky Orchid is an incredible song. The gradually rising intensity of it is mesmerising and satisfying in the way that some of the most unique and powerful rock releases have been over the past couple of decades. The passionate build up, the increasing drama of the drum line, the tone of voice, the slowly developing melody, the way the leading artist performs the key line in particular and the subsequent pause that lets it really sink in – it’s a huge song, immensely addictive to listen to.

From the offset I was reminded a little of Nine Inch Nails, the sound of this voice – partly whispered and partly desperate to explode into something unapologetically loud. This later evolved in to an Incubus-like aura, the creatively free structure and the lyrics both meander in a similar manner. Soon enough though, the leading voice and the set-up of the entire track take on a completely fresh identity. The passion of the vocalist’s performance and the passion of the accompanying drums and surrounding instrumentation makes for an insanely captivating few minutes of music.

It’s very easy to get lost in this release, that’s the strength of the experience – the addictive quality as mentioned. The movement from the opening delicacy to the later climactic weight and wonder – there’s so much soul here, yet the music has the power and raw energy of melodic rock. The song is easy going and hard hitting all at once. The band are mysterious and skillful, talented and free from the confines of genre or expectation. There’s something new and beautiful in their sound and I’m most definitely a fan.

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Rebecca Cullen

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