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Silas Luster (The BuLife) Moldamensions


Silas Luster of hip hop collective The BuLife offers up a superb single prior to the release of his solo EP. Moldamensions is a huge track, dark and creatively uninhibited – interesting from the offset for the retro vibe of that beat and the overall backdrop.

As the vocals come into play, conceptual thinking is highlighted – these bars are unfamiliar, that voice is too. There’s something unsettling and simultaneously fascinating about this outpouring of ideas. It’s intelligent, conscious yet deeply thoughtful and often poetic. The flow is relentless, the confidence is presented in a calm and captivating manner. For these reasons you get swept up in the energy of the track very easily, yet even then – a single listen is far from enough.

As the story progresses, as the soundscape evolves and these various haunting fragments of audio and additional vocals fall into view, the experience intrigues and appeals all the more so. Beginning with the spoken word segment about sound itself, crackled and vintage, before bursting into this mellow yet addictive beat, is the perfect way to kick things off. Following that, things continue to get better and better.

This is smart hip hop, classically inspired, skillful, stylish – impressive in every way yet alternative enough to really feel genuine. The word-play is immense and thus those second and third listens are essential. The upcoming EP is absolutely one to look out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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