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Sightline Heights Someone You Know


Showcasing high energy guitars and an organically authentic drum-line, Someone You Know is a fast-paced yet emotionally warming indie-rock single that presents the Sightline Heights sound and songwriting style in a bold way.

The melody and the tone of the leading voice are the first elements to really reach out, these drive the key characteristics of the song and lay bare its underlying concept in a fairly distinct way. Later on, as the music progresses, the instrumentation starts to take more of a front-line position. The track plays out for close to four and a half minutes, and from a composition perspective – the time has been utilised creatively and the soundscape built up in an effectively soft-rock manner.

It’s interesting to hear something quite this heavy and simultaneously gentle from a project that feels almost certainly to have been inspired by the indie-rock world. That is to say, the music feels like certain songs from the 90’s – those alternative rock bands who took to connecting in a delicately passionate way. At the same time though, the song itself feels much more like a singer-songwriter piece – that sense of humanity runs deep, the concept and the emotion with which it’s delivered all point to this being a heartfelt issue or experience at hand. Often with modern rock bands you get the music first, for performance’ sake, and the songwriting comes afterwards. In this case, both seem to have emerged hand in hand.

The song’s concept is one that has been approached in a notably unique way – the placement of that line, of those words, leaves an unexpected gap so as to make certain you recognise and remember it. Every song has to have something unpredictably unusual, as well as maintaining that crucial level of realness and honesty, if it is to stand out these days. Someone You Know aims quite naturally in that direction.

The debut self-titled EP is set to be released on June 8th, 2018. Find & follow Sightline Heights on Facebook, TwitterInstagram & visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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