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SIENNÁ What Matters


Norway’s SIENNÁ returns this year with a post-six-minute offering that is the ambient and conceptual What Matters. The song takes its time to work through the various ideas within – this appears as a necessary artistic process for the songwriter, rather than a simple attempt to gather an audience and entertain. Having said that, the soundscape and the way it progresses offers an easily entrancing mood – it’s no difficult task to lose yourself within the moment; to find your mind wandering and your body simultaneously calming down.

There are elements of trip hop to the way the general piece pours through – that light beat, these flickers of electronic synths and details. At the same time, certain organic fragments appear intermittently – strings, vocals – this helps remind you of the humanity and the emotion behind the work.

The first time you embark upon this journey, it feels like a gift purely for you. Only when you revisit do the lyrics and the underlying ideas, the song’s intentional depth, really start to stand tall and connect all the more intensely. It’s a uniquely creative and fairly incomparable release – one that’s a total pleasure to have fill the room.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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