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Sid Hagan Promises Lost


Forever at the forefront of heartfelt, musically immersive yet organic songwriting, Sid Hagan joins forces with the highly experienced and long-time friend of his, Marvin Taylor, for an upcoming album of originals.

Marvin Taylor has had an extensive journey as an artist and musician, his catalogue and appearances spanning way back throughout his 72 years, and this level of ability and consistent passion shines beautifully alongside Sid’s.

Promises Lost is the first single from the new project, a piece that brings together classic rock guitars and live drums, with some psychedelic, somewhat retro synth lines, blending elements of sci-fi with minimalism to a bold and engaging degree.

Complete with cascading riffs and free-flowing vocal moments, the song feels notably like a live jamming session – there’s a sense of freedom to it, a carefree, in-the-moment kind of energy, which actually could be thought to reflect well the underlying concept.

Promises Lost is a song that refers to the ‘countless promises and outright lies’ that were presented to Sid throughout the past 25 years of caring for his special needs sons, Kian and Niall. The funk-soaked swagger of the instrumental set-up, and the echo of this idea, of Promises Lost, manages to create something that all at once deals with a deeply personal issue, and reaches out to connect with any and all of us who’ve experienced some level of falsity or deception.

By the final quarter, this array of voices and instruments intertwines and rains down in a fully hypnotic, nostalgic fashion. The artists involved clearly submit to the moment, and as a listener, you can’t help but do the same.

Defiantly a full, intentional and musically impressive sound – I look forward to hearing the new album.

Promises Lost features Sid Hagan on acoustic guitars and all voices, Marvin Taylor electric guitars, and the one and only Paul Curreri on everything else.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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