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Sid Hagan Gas Pocket


Sid Hagan throws us an absolute curve-ball with this latest release. Expecting something acoustically gentle and lyrically heart-breaking, the opening fuzz and weight of the electronically powered Gas Pocket hits with intense impact.

The spoken word segments that follow unsurprisingly manage to captivate every step of the way, thanks to the experimental and unsettling introduction – an effective and fascinating bit of artistry; one that quite cleverly represents its underlying process and concept in a brilliantly fitting way.

The term Gas Pocket refers in this case to misinformation, alternative facts, or the vast ocean of things we don’t fully understand but have to tolerate regardless. Specifically, this came about following the treatment required to overcome Prostate Cancer. Sid Hagan has been through a lot these past couple of years, cancer being a pretty big part of that, and this song as a reaction to the discomfort and fear of the C word and its treatment, and the places the mind wanders to amidst that, is quite superb.

There are lyrics throughout the track, as well as fragments of canned laughter, electronic waves that wash over at certain moments. The story presents unsettling details, adding subtle shock factor – lying down on the table… nurse came with a tube… and this appears intermittently with bigger thoughts on life; those things we have to tolerate and deal with.

As the song progresses, you descend into this strangely calming, hypnotic cave of electronic warmth and rhythm – you submit to the moment, much like the patient being treated, or the human falling into the grip of a snowballing contemporary world of tech. The mind wanders freely amidst this seemingly organised chaos.

The latter half of the track is less intense, few details change but the experience moves regardless from unexpected to skillfully in keeping with its underlying intentions. The comforting embrace and weight of the synths contrasts somewhat with the electronic strength and darkness initially presented. You succumb to the unknown, and by all accounts – that’s exactly what Sid intended to portray. A haunting and fairly unforgettable account of our world and the human experience.

Counter-knowledge, everywhere… Counter-knowledge, everywhere… 

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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