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Shay M Levy Fairytales


Shay M Levy’s music is so blissfully organic and gentle sounding that it’s extremely easy to press play and simply forget yourself for a while. Fairytales opens up with the melancholy picking of an acoustic guitar. Soon enough, the artist’s undeniably unique leading voice steps forward to express an unpredictable and beautifully appropriate string of lyrics.

The artist’s inspiration for the song was the experiences of three important women in his life, each of whom had been hurt and had suffered after giving their trust to the wrong people.

“This experience inspired me to pen this song about understanding the necessity of losing our innocence in adulthood to survive and persist in this challenging world.” – Shay M Levy.

At first glance, the song takes all of the strength of folk or pop music – the structure, the melodies, the building instrumentation and the flawless final polish. Once you get involved though, the story veers off in an uncommon direction, and as the tale unfolds the music surrounding it erupts into something much more powerful and reflective of rising emotions.

The song’s organic building blocks give it a very real feeling, despite the fantasy-based essence of the lyrics. This helps listeners transfer those concepts into something relevant to themselves. The questioning nature of the chorus section further highlights this crossover; it’s thought provoking, it makes you wonder the same things, and the music, the melody, and the artist’s wonderfully delicate singing voice reinforce it all superbly.

Shay M Levy’s voice is most definitely one of the first things to strike as true to the individual, but the lyrics too offer an array of imagery and ideas that are representative of a certain perspective and way of thinking, and this offers even more of the one-of-a-kind character that drives this particular creative angle. It’s a pleasure to stumble upon, and the song quickly becomes familiar and easy to sing along with after just a couple of listens.

The strings and the piano part that comes into play as the story and the song develops add just enough to really help build up the emotion and subtle intensity of the piece. As mentioned, it’s a well structured and effective example of songwriting. The prospect of more music from Shay M Levy holds great appeal.

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