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Shauna Burns Scarborough Fair


Shauna Burns’ presentation of this old English composition is the sort that takes on a life of its own from the first few moments. You consider it a new listening experience, a new journey through the lyrics, a delicate and poetic perspective that floats alongside the piano and harp performances beautifully.

Shauna Burns’ Celtic approach to music offers something that is all at once nostalgic and new, breathing fresh life into a timeless classic, adding that age old character and style, but coming through by means of a crisp and intimate recording that has gorgeously captured the moment and all of its realness. The artist’s voice also has a gentle intimacy about it, almost appearing as a whisper on occasion, gentle as it needs to be but falling away on occasion as if the emotion is too much to bear. It’s an endearing and unusual quality, and it makes for something quite striking. Rather than to over sing or utilise the moment for a display of one’s own vocal ability and range, Shauna takes the moment at the precise depth in which it was created, always remembering the story, the words, considering the origin of it all, and expressing it in a heartfelt, thoughtful, and unique new way.

At over five minutes long, Shauna Burns’ Scarborough Fair unfolds and evolves in a slowly captivating manner, surrounding you and intermittently drawing your focus to certain words and sounds, while otherwise leaving your mind to wander off entirely as the soundscape moves along. It’s a strong position to put an audience in – the music as music for the room, or just purely for you – proving to be equally effective in either case. More than worth a listen, a beautiful take on a well known piece.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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