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Shaney Poo POM (Feat. Che Afrique)


An ever-creative Shaney Poo brings together soul-pop, Gospel and industrial rhythms, for the uniquely melodic, emotive and colourful POM.

Featuring the beautifully versatile vocals of Che Afrique, the song pours through with unmistakable production and catchy threads of melody united. Long-form RnB verses inject an essential twist of heart and story, before Shaney Poo’s own concise and catchy, shorter hook-lines offer a level playing ground for fans to cling to as that anthemic resolve.

Evolving after the half-way point to bring through Shaney Poo’s classic hip hop roots, POM continues to raise the bar, whilst maintaining its nineties-esque simplicity of sound and clarity. The flow is equally nostalgic during this latter half, the story as heartfelt and faith-driven as elsewhere, and the final return to the distorted riff and tuneful, appreciative chorus works beautifully after this.

POM emerges complete with a set of crystal-clear visuals that prove all the more colourful still, depicting our leading vocalists in performance, amidst a series of natural-world backdrops. The completed release gifts a sincere degree of joy and gratitude for the current moment. The accompanying video furthers the impact of these qualities, inspiring a sense of fun, of presence, and of oneness with those who matter.

An ear-worm for sure, stylistically recognisable, and perhaps his most infectious and memorable single to date. Shaney Poo’s 2023 celebratory album Touch By An Angel (8th Anniversary Edition) is loaded with these timeless qualities. Well worth a listen.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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