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Shane Scheib Roller Coaster Night


Bringing through a freshly colourful and smooth new alternative pop single, Shane Scheib offers something of an Owl City meets mild EDM aura with his single Roller Coaster Night. Production-wise the song aims high from the offset, the composition is well structured and the soundscape crafted in a way that calms yet that also leaves plenty of space within which to follow and appreciate the vocal melody and the lyrics.

As a leading artist, Shane Scheib takes a notably natural and fairly flawless approach to performance. This sort of song, with this sort of delicately uplifting bounce, requires a certain style of vocalist and a certain sense of confidence and character to effectively present it. Scheib has this technique down, or perhaps more accurately – you can hear that it’s genuine, that this is precisely the sort of music he loves to make, and precisely the type of song that he loves to sing.

As the track progresses, that structural consideration showcases further strength. The latter half sees the spacious ambiance contrasted with the precise repetition of that key idea, that key vocal melody. It stops you in your tracks, takes back your attention, and as the rhythm returns – as the drop hits, and the remainder of that hook comes back onto the scene, it recaptures – with equal efficiency – your affection.

The second and indeed third time you listen, the song has so many familiar and recognisable characteristics. That rolling drum line, those reverb-soaked synths, that retro bass-line – the chaotic and the calm working in unison. Then of course there are these short lines, these ideas, these images, all leading proudly up towards that quickly memorable chorus section. The title and everything that works in its favour makes certain you remember the moment and the song. A solid release with an impressive level of talent and skill driving it forwards.

Roller Coaster Night introduces Scheib’s first time co-writing with producer Ryan Mohr, his first release in coordination with Endswell Entertainment, LLC, and his first time having a song mastered by Drew Lavyne at A.L.L. Find & follow Shane Scheib on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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