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Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers Free to Roam


Purity of organic arrangement and instant optimism guide us into the inspiring new country-folk single from Shane Scarazzini and EightFingers.

Another fine example of songwriting perfected over time, Free To Roam showcases humble yet gripping performances from both the vocalists and the supporting instrumentalists.

Complete with stylish Americana fragments of guitar and other unplugged layers, Free To Roam achieves a worthy balance between the blissful and authentic escapism of live music, and the thoughtful embrace of poetic and purposeful writing.

Ultimately uplifting in its brightness and skill combined across this intriguing, imagery-laden venture, Free To Roam rises up with power and possibility – no doubt proving positively influential on the listener’s head-space; as they let the music reach out and elevate their mood.

Featuring a subtly explosive final third where passions reach a mighty peak, Free To Roam is a familiar yet fresh take on a timeless genre and style, and leads with beautifully thought-provoking lyricism and modest yet heartfelt performances.

Download or stream Free To Roam. Header photo by Tammie Valer.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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