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Shaanzeh Nadeem Trick


Introducing a brilliant hit of modern pop with a welcomed twist of personality and fearless commitment to the concept – Lahore’s Shaanzeh Nadeem highlights supreme songwriting and performance throughout an infectious and refreshing Trick.

Consistently evolving from good to great to superb, Trick keeps on mixing things up – introducing new layers of colour and unexpected flair throughout its lifespan. Consider the switch to a synth-thick hook, the melodic satisfaction of the chorus following contemplative, mellow verses, the sudden bass-melody and instrumental presence after the first half, the lyrical simplicity in line with the subtle satire and theatrics…

And of course, even with all of this structural sound-play, Nadeem’s vocals are stunning. Whether breathy and intimate, or bold and attention grabbing, the delivery is faultless, stylish, loaded with identity, and perfectly in tune with the genre-fusing nature and swagger of the overall track.

Brilliant, a refreshingly creative take on contemporary pop, with a catchy hook and set-up fit for the mainstream yet a clearly alternative appeal to everything from the lyrics to the instrumentation to the very nature of Nadeem’s performance.

Absolutely one to watch, Trick makes for an easy hit for this week’s playlist.

Check out Shaanzeh Nadeem on Instagram or follow her indie band Scowl For The Camera on YouTube, IG & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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