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SFSSound Love You Show You Done Foreal 16 days


Kicking off a series of tracks over on SoundcloudLove You Show You Done Foreal 16 days showcases a uniquely tribal beat with a trip hop aura, topped off with a notably raw and direct rap vocal. The performance feels spontaneous in some ways, almost like a mellow freestyle – an outpouring of ideas and emotions, honest and unedited. You quickly get a feel for the sound – ambiance-wise and in terms of the artist’s leading voice. There’s an alternative, genuine aura to the whole thing – that rawness is endearing, and the flow of the track is easy to escape within.

this is it dance into my heart presents more of that same vocal recording style – the production keeps the voice feeling like a later addition to the music; almost as if you’re witnessing a scene from a movie. The performance in this case varies throughout, rising in intensity as and when the moment requires it. There’s also an increased pace and some impressive, memorable word-play that helps underline a sense of character and confidence in the artist. The music is as calming as ever, looping out like an industrial trip hop beat. The rapper meets the rhythm of the music flawlessly and proceeds to pour lyricism into the process whilst barely pausing to breathe. The song has an easily recognisable hook.

Adding a little joy and optimism to the journey is fishing for a kissin new year new fears. The performance style changes again, reminding you of eclecticism and keeping you interested. The bedroom-style recording has settled in now and you appreciate and acclimatize to the realness of that and to these stream of consciousness style vocal performances. The concept here is fascinating and well-timed – surely set to connect with anyone and everyone who understands and can relate.

Relationship takes things down a loving pathway, appreciation and smooth vibes join forces to great effect. There’s a calming lightness to the track though the vocal adds a hint of pace and power just to keep things interesting. The sheer density of lyrics makes it necessary to listen more than once to catch every part of these rhymes and reflections.

Elsewhere in this vast collection, you really start to gather an opinion on the artist and his approach to creativity. There’s an impressive level of variation in both the subject matter and the mood of each piece. planez raw showcases a simple love for music and a strangely entertaining cover or duet – a similar approach emerges with hey soul sister (cover)Hate airplanes lets you get a little closer to the writer as a person – honesty helps it all connect on a deeper level. Fuck Him Freestyle later on offers a hint of upbeat colour and pride. There’s something inherently laid back about this artist’s approach to rap and to music in general – his tone of voice is peaceful, soothing even, and many of his ideas seem uninhibited and free from concern, which furthers the effect.

my mind (love song) introduces an unexpected ambiance and a slightly haunting collection of vocal fragments. There’s a touch of artistry to much of this catalogue, it’s subtle but it wins your attention with ease when it steps into view. There’s a clear love for music underlined throughout, a lot of fun is being had and subsequently shared – as well as some deeper thoughts on life and the world around us. There’s personality in the voice and this offers a distinctive thread spanning across every single release. The drive to create and to make honest music is strong and consistent. Hopefully there’s more of interest yet to come.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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