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Seth King Forgotten World


Seth King paints a scene of incredible poignancy with this powerful and beautifully designed new single.

Blending organic musicianship and plenty of space artistically, Forgotten World acts as a poetic reaction to this tumultuous year we’ve all found ourselves experiencing.

The lyrics lay bare the thought process, the raw vocal line lays bare the feelings and passion associated with this, and the instrumental build-up effectively reflects these changing stages in a bold and beautiful way.

Showcasing a uniquely expressive, softly raspy and characterful vocal line, Forgotten World introduces the Seth King sound and writing style in a profoundly engaging, memorable way.

Throughout its four-minute life-span, the single proceeds to all at once embrace listeners and softly scream out on their behalf. Throw in some addictive melodies, a mighty hook section, and further layers of strings and detail for emphasis, and the result is a track that begs for you to listen at volume – and more than a single time.

Gorgeously crafted, contemplative in a genuinely human way, and managing to cleverly walk the line between familiar and creatively fresh – uninhibited by industry expectations, yet still clearly in tune with what works and what connects musically. Forgotten World is a fantastic release. I look forward to hearing more from Seth King.

What’s the point in writing love songs when you’re the only one left in the world?”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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