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Sempre Caoz If Fate Wants To Mess With Me (Live at TonTrafik)


As an introduction to an impressive band, TonTraffik’s live video clip of Sempre Caoz does a superb job.

Utilizing well-rooted videography, to effectively capture a moment of skill and passion that is the band at the height of their abilities and unity, this live version of If Fate Wants To Mess With Me fulfills a number of roles all at once.

The first thing you take away from this is the live sound – the guitar work, the leading vocals, the use of contrast and build-up thanks to that unity and a drummer who guides the rising energy perfectly well. After this though, where many bands fall victim to complacency or familiarity, the clip goes on to leave you with an image of the band as great songwriters.

If Fate Wants To Mess With Me is fantastic, a gritty and emotional piece of classic rock with an edge of blues-rock and a twist of grunge just occasionally. The song leaves its hook with you after listening, and that line alone intrigues enough to get you skipping back to the start to re-witness the whole thing; to make sure you didn’t miss a big reveal or detail that helps it all connect.

A brilliant song, flawlessly performed but not so much so as to lose or give away that raw rock aura – far from it, the essence of the genre is brilliantly well-presented. This is also a really well captured live performance – a strong indication of a band well worth booking for your next festival line-up.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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