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Scott Kirby Simple Life


The superb Scott Kirby returns this summer with yet another pop-rock classic with equal parts grit and delicacy. Simple Life is beautifully set-up, bringing together a blues and folk-rock backdrop with Kirby’s own expressive and lightly raspy vocals, mixing in a touch of almost doo-wop style backing vocals – the finish is organic yet crisp and clean enough to really let you blast it at volume to immersive results.

As was the case with his previous releases, there’s a poetic depth to much of Scott Kirby’s writing that shines brightly in such a natural setting. In this case, the song’s underlying concept is represented gorgeously – not just by the lyrics, but by the colourful and optimistic nature of the music, and by Scott’s own laid-back and genuinely content delivery.

The track progresses with a mellow and likable groove, flickers of instrumental prowess emerge just frequently enough to add a hint of swagger and confidence. Meanwhile, Scott’s voice evolves in a natural and seemingly effortless manner – it meanders through this mildly familiar, comforting melody in a pure and soulful way.

The entire feel and fire of the song gives off precisely the sentiments implied by the title. Scott Kirby’s sound and style as an artist stands tall amidst this kind of writing and performance. The track doesn’t prompt you to consider genre or comparisons so much as it simply and honestly fills the room with good vibes and a clear connection to the moment. As a result, this is how you’re left feeling when it’s over – those good vibes linger, and there’s a new found appreciation for both the grind (the hustle) and the simple things in life; not least of all this sort of organically crafted, authentic musicality.

An absolute pleasure to listen to, as always. I look forward to hearing more from Scott Kirby and the band in the near future.

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