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Scatterbrained. Silence Is Clarity


Scatterbrained. are an act you don’t forget about in a hurry. Their name ignites a keenness to press play, and in the case of this latest release – that process is more rewarding than ever.

Silence is Clarity is a brilliantly creative piece of music and writing. Featuring crisp, clean, soulful vocals, feeling straight out of a nineties emo-rock outfit, and a soundscape that leans back and forth between acoustic delicacy, theatrical scene setting – complete with a spoken monologue – and dreamlike electronic ambiance, the song is unlike anything else you’re likely to stumble upon of late.

This is a stunning release, simple in nature – an easy concept, an easy-going melody that satisfies and breaks your heart all at once. But within this, there’s so much detail and dynamic – so many unexpected moments of artistic expression. Even at close to four and a half minutes, a single listen is far from enough to truly grasp the track’s depth and to fully succumb to the moment with the band.

The song is refreshing, an absolute break away from the mundane, yet still utilizing those known-to-be-effective building blocks to comfort and embrace listeners. Meanwhile, so many intricacies surround you – distant horn sounds, fragments of conversation, effects and then cleanness, space and then fullness and vibrancy.

Brilliant, a thoroughly addictive new song that’s well worth a few spins at volume this weekend and beyond. Get to know this band.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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