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Sara P Fall Into You


Sara P’s latest release Fall Into You offers up the classic warmth of a well structured pop song. Her vocal ability is strong, the melody on this moves quickly through the notes and moments – there’s very little calmness among it, just high energy, high passion – her voice carries this well.

Production wise the song gives off something of a Taylor Swift feel, though the more mellow, perhaps classic side of things – with an additional touch of something electronically inspired. The beat toys with both delicacy and colour, lighting up the soundscape with various elements and riffs and instrumental snippets – not unlike trip-hop. On top of this, the song itself floats smoothly, the verses unfold in a perfectly fitting way, the voice feels like the driving force, and it leads confidently up towards a softly satisfying hook section.

The song’s hook presents something subtle yet memorable. The rise up towards this point works well in giving it impact, though it’s not an overwhelming kick that appears at that central point. The song tells expresses its underlying story-line in a way that makes this the primary keeper of the audiences attention. This works hand-in-hand with the melody, that quickness, the ever-changing arrangement of notes, keeps your attention throughout. The smoothness of the music contrasts with the slightly manic aura of the melody, and this creates something that captivates if you let it, or that provides the perfectly polished recording for fans who seek out fresh, professionally crafted and impressively performed pop music.

The whole thing is undeniably accessible to any number of listeners, and it works well, it puts out the sentiment effectively as well as reminding you consistently of the artist and her vocal style and ability. It’s a great introduction to her creative work for those who are new to the Sara P sound.

Download or stream the song here.

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