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Sandy Nightsky


Sandy lays delicate vocals and poetic lyrics out under a minimalist and intimate light on this latest single. Leading with the simple strength of a nearly-whispered melody, the song progresses with the mere addition of a few chords from the keyboard and a gentle, intermittent drum-line in the distance.

While the main takeaway from the song is the memorable nature of the melody – the lyric-free moments of purely vocal notes are distinctly recognizable and quite entrancing to have rain down around you – the more you listen, the more you focus in on the details, and the more the lyrics of the song start to light it up further. A flicker of electric guitar later on also subtly but surely adds further soul to the experience.

Sandy’s lyrics on Nightsky appear as notably personal, intimate and uninhibited – addressing a significant other, in a manner that feels almost like a reading from a private letter. The breathy and gentle nature of the delivery, along with the simple ambiance surrounding it, helps really reinforce this honest and genuine approach.

There’s something a little retro about the set-up, but you don’t focus too much on these stylistic details – the voice and these ideas, this message, are the main factors that draw your attention. Nightsky is an open and heartfelt song that stands tall on the strength of its own concept and that emotional, deeply human performance style.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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