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Fresh from the upcoming album Reconstruct, SANDWICK’s Alright sees the songwriter pour his personal truth into his writing in an emotive and intimate manner.

Featuring backing vocals and piano from co-writer Ronald Woudenberg, Alright uniquely meets a ballad-like aura with hints of Americana in the form of subtle yet satisfying guitar bends. As things progress, these minimalist elements gradually gather momentum and intensity. The vocals reinforce this climb, showcasing an increase in passion and energy, which brilliantly underlines the inherent optimism and motivation of the lyrics.

Leading with story-telling verses, seemingly specific yet also vague enough to be made your own, then rightfully resolving each time the hook declares that you will be alright – the song paints a clear and concise picture. The verses highlight the trepidation, the worries from the past, then the hook works to remind you that, essentially, what will be will be. SANDWICK and Woudenberg have done a fine job of representing this concept in a unique and genuine, real way.

The song is humble yet strangely addictive in its melodic progression, and indeed in that satisfying, calming resolve. I look forward to the album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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