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Samuel Christen The Real One


Samuel Christen’s latest release The Real One offers a really interesting style of songwriting and performance. Undoubtedly inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, and a multitude of other classic rock or experimental artists, but most notably driven by a uniquely creative thought process – resulting in a sound that is new, a voice that has character, and a string of ideas that provoke thought.

The great thing about the song is that the music supporting the essence of it – the ideas, the melody – consistently works hard to enhance the current moment. As the song progresses, this haunting and almost other worldly ambiance unfolds and expresses various sentiments or various scenes, as it were, all of which feed well into the central story line or mood of the piece.

What also works well about it is the extent to which the leading vocal presents a sense of individuality and realness, the latter of which comes unexpectedly among what is a fairly psychedelic soundscape. There’s passion and emotion and reflective poetry within the walls of the song, and furthermore, everything surrounding the voice is played with skill and intent – not merely the meeting of experimental or alternative sounds and samples. There’s a musicality to it all that reinforces the realness and suggests that a live show would be pretty intense and most probably as close to the recording as can be.

At times the music and the accompanying video are intensely surreal, there’s a definite sense of artistry to the whole thing, as opposed to merely being music for music’s sake – to escape to, or to be entertained by. As mentioned, Samuel Christen’s music is interesting, unusual, and seemingly very true to his own creative desires. Well worth a listen.

Download the music via Samuel Christen’s Website. Find & follow him on FacebookSoundcloud & Instagram to show support & to stay updated.

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