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Saints Of Bliss All Or Nothing


The first thing to strike you about this release from Saints Of Bliss is the crisp and intimate finish of the recording. The simple strum of an acoustic guitar sounds relevantly blissful, as does the leading vocal that follows. Once involved, the simple emotion and rising intensity of the song and the music surrounds you in the way that any effective and addictive song dealing with the deepest of human emotions should do. It captivates for its realness, the leading vocal has a genuinely passionate sound, not to mention a flawless ability to carry those varying notes with style and certainty.

What’s particularly interesting about this release is that moving on from the initial sound of the acoustic guitar, the music explodes into this big-band arena of instrumentation. Despite the inherent and heartfelt declaration of desire, the fear of loneliness, the music has a notably uplifting, even joyful sound on occasion – especially these moments that seem to present an organic horn section, if not a programmed version (effectively done so if that’s the case).

The song begins softly and emerges with power, not unlike some of the most commonly played indie pop songs of recent years. The whole thing has been considerately crafted, and this shows in the structure and evolution of it all. Not simply moving from a verse to a chorus, but ensuring every element involved assists the music and the emotion in that change. The voice rises in passion, the instrumentation intensifies, and the lyrics become much more upfront and direct. The significant other in question is hinted at for the most part, then as the hook section hits, the climax of the song, the concept is directly applied to the one who matters. This is what great love songs do, they seem incredibly personal at certain moments, and yet notably accessible to all audiences elsewhere – that ability to give the listener something that feels like their own. It’s a big sound, and there’s much more to come from Saints Of Bliss.

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  1. A great analysis of the song. Saints of Bliss are two brothers David and Jonathan, originally from South Africa now resident in Edinburgh, Scotland. They are currently recording some new stuff we can look forward to. As one muso friend remarked, their music is always out the top drawer.

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