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S3 Saba Brothers Rock It All Night Long


S3 Saba Brothers bring through a mildly pop-punk take on Christmas with their single Rock It All Night Long. The references within and the values represented hold close to the essence of Christmas – the hook in particular reminds you of the important things, particularly at this time of year. At the same time, the song doesn’t feel like your classic Christmas release – there’s an air of classic pop-punk to the sound, and it introduces the band’s approach to music in an immediately likable manner.

The organic performance, the energy, the leading voice – all of this gives the song a genuine feel, so the words within aren’t merely being sung, they’re being expressed in a believable, authentic way. The ideas offered, relating to what it’s all about, have so much value – it’s not about expensive gifts, and this concept is prominent yet not explicitly stated in a preachy way. The song just utilises its upbeat rhythm and brightness to reinforce the very sentiment that it’s all about dancing – it’s all about having fun, spending time with those you hold close. We could all use a reminder of those things once in a while.

As an introduction to the band, this song draws you in for its crisp take on a nostalgic sound. On top of this though, there’s a refreshing angle to the seasonal aura – it makes for a wonderful addition to the Christmas playlist. The melody is strong, and as stated – there’s a genuine warmth to the performances throughout. It’s an easy song to like and it keeps the heart of Christmas at its core and thus passes that over to the listener as the music fills the room.

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