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S.O.S Silent Witness


S.O.S offers an interesting mix of influence in her music that makes for a pretty unique listening experience. Silent Witness has the general feel of being a trip-hop track for the most part, though much of the instrumentation teeters between the sounds of modern pop and those of the 90’s, or perhaps even earlier on occasion. It’s an effective fusion.

The songwriting has something notably unusual about it, and this is the main thing to strike hard from the new track – you’re likely to find yourself hanging on those words, reading through the lyrics even, and wondering what inspired it all. The song has an interesting array of lyricism and it features a really appealing use of phrasing – the shorter lyrical moments contrast well with the somewhat more complex ones. The hook section, for example; a great melody and again a real moment of modern pop in the way the music builds up and cascades around you. The artist presents a strong yet gentle-when-necessary leading vocal, and although the melody is memorable and easy to get into, there’s a definite darkness about the performance and the whole track in general that listeners are likely to find intriguing.

The hook section is strong, the track has been produced effectively so as to bring the right kind of brightness to each moment – whether minimal or full on. The music keeps things moving throughout, and this adds further to it’s appeal; your attention is well held. Furthermore, those minimal moments between choruses add a welcome break to allow you to properly reflect and enjoy the ambiance of the instrumentation before the big moment comes back in.

The instrumentation is engaging in a subtle kind of way. The beat has a tribal-like sound at times, though all in all the vibe is kept very modern and it’s only these snippets of alternative musicality sweeping in and out of the mix that switch things around a little. It’s a clever combination, and a really enjoyable piece of music and songwriting. The video is more than worth taking the time out to witness, and S.O.S as a performer is undoubtedly one to look out for over the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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