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Ryan MC Nomore Sleep


Classic rap vibes with vocal clarity and a haunting, bell-driven riff for the backdrop – rapper and producer Ryan MC of Long Beach, CA delivers Nomore Sleep; a hip hop anthem fit for the contemporary scene yet clearly influenced by the dawn of the genre.

Leading with a definite sense of drive and determination, Ryan MC’s music shares influence with the likes of DW Flame, Saviii 3rd and $tupid Young. The new track and video alike speak volumes on the grind, the process and the journey, keeping things simple and rhythmic for an easily memorable hook and soundscape, but speaking openly on the business and freedom of choice that coincides with it.

Simplicity allows the natural strength of the voice and the vibe of the music to stand tall in a genuine way, and the video backs up the sentiments in a similarly easy-going yet relevant manner.

If 2021 is set to be more of a motivational year of possibilities than its predecessor, every genre needs some energy and optimism, and Nomore Sleep works well to that end.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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