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Royal Letter To Cecil


Fresh from the heartfelt and impressive album Summer on Main St., Royal’s Letter To Cecil showcases a truly captivating bit of story-telling – alongside a classic beat, soulful and smooth, and a gentle yet emotional performance; one that introduces Royal’s flow and his integrity and honesty as an artist in a quickly respectable way.

Royal holds nothing back on this song, making sure to present his story in a rhythmically entrancing manner – becoming increasingly mesmerizing as it progresses, reminiscent of the greats or more recently the compelling and hypnotic work of artists like Joyner Lucas. There’s depth to this kind of writing, and Royal’s flow and the passion and quiet confidence in his voice are incredibly appealing.

In the case of this release, the whole thing is brilliantly addictive – presenting an effect not unlike that of early Eminem album tracks; the sort you’d follow along intently, wanting to learn every word, feeling that connection and realness as the music gets into your head.

Letter To Cecil is stunning, a powerful piece of music that reminds you of the strength and purpose that real hip hop can have. The rest of the album is absolutely worth taking the time to experience it. An unmissable artist, well worth looking out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

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