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Roses And Cigarettes Acoustic Sessions


The simplicity of pure talent and passion within music seems to fade further away with every new electronically loaded release that meets the stage. To be fair, there are a number of artists and bands who hold close to the organic, authentic vibes, but not so many who go so far as to put out a purely acoustic and live sounding project. Enter Roses and Cigarettes – a superb duo, offering emotional intensity, style and brilliant songwriting, all in the form of an in-the-moment acoustic playlist for this latest EP release.

Another Way is a mighty place to begin, the leading voice and the acoustic strum offer a certain level of poignancy that delivers the lyrical ideas in a compelling way. To have this feel as if the band are right there in the room with you adds so much to the strength of the connection, as well as reminding you to appreciate the raw talent and effort that it takes to craft and flawlessly perform something like this. Roses and Cigarettes fuse thoughtful, heartfelt songwriting with stunning vocals and expressive guitar work, and this EP is a must for genuine music fans far and wide.

Feel The Fire changes the mood to something a little gentler, more of a folk-pop ballad emerges – the opener has a string of Americana and grit to it, this song is a little more mainstream-like in its development and in the widely accessible lyricism. Don’t be fooled by the idea of this being gentler though, R&C sing with absolute passion and weight as and when the moment requires it. Always the sound is stunning, the live sound – right there in the room with you – is everything, and you can trust in the recording that a real-time performance from the duo would be incredible. This song’s hook gets to you pretty quickly, making certain you’ll remember and recognise it.

Back To You showcases an impressive pairing of two guitar parts, adding both rhythm and something of a European, meandering melody, alongside of a vocal part that gradually intensifies and evolves hypnotically from the soft to the almighty and soulful. Echoes and Silence follows and lays out a reflective piece of music and writing with an intriguing melody and general aura. Short lines present poetic observations that think deeply and encourage you to do the same. This is a personal favourite for its alternative angle and for this mysterious, unpredictable sense of progression and depth. It feels like a heavier track, a grunge or rock piece broken down into its pure, acoustic form – a brilliant sound, emotional and entrancing throughout. The vocals stretch to their limit in an achingly authentic and heart-breaking way.

Shelter brings a further bit of smooth soul and a slight RnB vibe to the stage, the rhythm is superb and there’s an element of swagger that adds a welcomed level of eclecticism to the EP. The hook changes direction a little and reminds you of the band’s freely creative songwriting. Another personal highlight with a vocal performance that proves to be quite breathtaking towards the end. Whiskey Down follows and utilizes a country or blues-rock edge to drive through the final song of the EP. You get the feeling there’s nothing these two couldn’t sing. Their skill and their passion is unquestionable, and this series of live performances is stunning. Get down to a gig as and when you can – natural talent and authenticity deserves every bit of support.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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