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Rooby Man Dance For Me


Rooby Man offers up a quickly nostalgic melody-line on this latest single Dance For Me. Despite the somewhat energetic aura implied by the title, Dance For Me is a surprisingly mellow track – a laid back groove and a distorted bass-line help craft something fairly characterful yet undoubtedly rooted in the pop sounds of a simpler time.

Rooby Man’s vocal style and sound is a big part of what gives his music personality. In this case, the delivery is fairly calm and seductive – in keeping with the underlying sentiments and mood of the music. The concept is chilled out, it talks of relationships, lust, directly addressing a significant other in an intimate and classically pop-like fashion. The whole thing has been designed purely for entertainment, the song deals with that throughout, and the simple groove of the soundscape reinforces it. At the same time, there’s nothing overly quirky or reminiscent of contemporary pop about the release. On the contrary, from a distance at least – this feels like a down-tempo dance-hall-meets-trip hop sort of piece.

Everything is low-key and personal, seeming specifically intended for that relationship setting. The vague and fun nature of the lyrics builds further on this and makes sure that the song is one for a wider audience to share in – the lyrics and the vibe can be taken on by just about anyone. Even with this though, a lasting way to write, Rooby Man still makes his sound and his creative style known quite boldly throughout. You’ll know his tone from here on in, maybe even the production techniques and general attitude he presents within his music. There aren’t too many artists pushing in this direction right now, so Dance For Me in particular stands out for its level of identity.

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