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Ronnie Dee and The Superstars #ThankYouMusic


Ronnie Dee and The Superstars are making waves on the live scene and with a string of original songs that could enthrall and entertain even the coldest of audiences.

Leading with insanely soulful and gritty vocals, the band’s organic funk-rock sound is brilliantly infectious and also offers that uniquely appealing front-man aspect that helps drive things with character and freshness.

#ThankYouMusic is an album loaded with good vibes and impressive musicianship. Warming Up is the perfect opener, the showmanship pours through even just via the audio recording, both vocally and instrumentally, and the song itself is easy to be swept away by. The band’s sound well and truly raises them up higher than the average, end of the street funk ensemble – there’s an edge of rock, a backbone of soul and passion, and just about everything else you might hope for in a professional, unwaveringly impressive collective.

Throughout #ThankYouMusic the variety of details helps make for a project that is far from a one-trick pony. Depending On Love, for example, follows the opener with a notably more mellow aura – Ronnie Dee’s vocals shine in a whole new way among this gentler setting. Still the energy is optimistic and uplifting, and this continues throughout. If you need to make yourself feel better for whatever reason – this album should do it.

Elsewhere on the project, expect intermittent reminders of a fair few of the greats – a dash of Prince emerges on tracks like Everybody’s Here, something a little more soft rock comes through on Ballad of The Bad Seed; an anthemic and memorable hook lingers with you long after listening. The same is true of Waiting, even a hint of Santana shines through during the solo. These are just fragments of influence though, Ronnie Dee and The Superstars pave their own way, and the songs on this album are truly wonderful in themselves.

Come On Over is a beautiful track that cleverly utilizes contrast between a bare verse section and a totally vibrant hook. Need Somebody To Need follows and offers chaotic instrumentation and vocal togetherness – reminding you even more-so to seek out a live show as soon as possible.

Soul Biscuits is another with plenty of recognizable traits. The opening rhythm section, the continuing groove thereafter, the jazz-vibe, the short verse lines, the sax, the space, the concept – this one makes certain you remember and recognise it. Flawless vocals reach even more seemingly impossible heights.

Towards the end of the catalogue, I Found You offers a gorgeous moment of laid-back, beach-side vibes, expressing gratitude and inspiring a simple calmness and appreciation of love and good relationships. Having mentioned the beach, the soundscape actually later on feels much better suited to the upcoming winter nights – there’s a seasonal vibe to a lot of this that’s likely to warm up any gathering in the perfect way. Calling Your Name adds a flicker of Americana-style drama and movement at the final hurdle.

As if there wasn’t more than enough content in this playlist to keep you going for months on end, Ronnie Dee and The Superstars are set to release a brand new project this coming January. They’ll be touring, they’ll be energizing, and you won’t want to miss a minute.

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