Roman Kharkovsky - RH​-​Red Stars trance Ritus between Dnieper river and Lviv - Stereo Stickman

Roman Kharkovsky RH​-​Red Stars trance Ritus between Dnieper river and Lviv


Not merely an artist, Roman Kharkovsky is an entity of higher spiritual intelligence. Keeping this in consideration as you listen, his music appears before you as all the more other-worldly – an experience, rather than something simply for the ears to revel in.

The title of this release alone is enough to open the mind or at the very least overwhelm it enough to provoke curiosity. As the piece begins to play, there’s a hypnotic and rhythmic outpouring of sound and notes that prove to be the familiar threads holding it all together. To break it down to the building blocks that made it though, is to realise quite how unexpected or uncommon each sound and synth actually is.

Listening to this track is like slowly walking deeper and deeper into an unexplored cave, with only a dim light – that easily recognisable riff – to guide you. The further you wander, the greater the fear grows, but at the same time – somehow – the more comforted by your surroundings you become. The unknown gets more and more vast, the familiar world falls further behind you, but you start to befriend this new realm of audio and thought – so much so that when it all comes to an end, you’re not quite ready to leave yet.

The second time you listen you welcome back those reverb-soaked echos, the distant dripping walls of the cave. The rising volume as you delve deeper feels exciting now – fear and excitement have a similar effect on the body; the racing heart, the cold sweats, the manic mind – you keenly anticipate the journey and the thoughts and ideas you know you’ll conjure up within it.

There’s very little to compare this to right now, but I’d go as far as to say this music can have a profound and awakening effect on its audience, if they let it. There’s something mildly addictive about the way it makes you feel. It’s beautifully haunting, dark yet comforting – the perfect fusion of elements to intrigue and entertain a busy, modern-day mind.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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