Roman Kharkovsky - Dance Of Blue Shadows In Kyiv (Feat. Blackmyth) - Stereo Stickman

Roman Kharkovsky Dance Of Blue Shadows In Kyiv (Feat. Blackmyth)


It’s been a short while since something new from Ukraine’s Kharkovsky crossed our path, as soon as the music kicks into gear though, that alternative dance vibe rings loud and clear.

Admittedly, there’s nothing about this new release that draws comparisons – that freshness is consistently one of Roman’s qualities. It’s the experimental nature of the layers, the synths and sounds that make up the ambiance, that give his work character. With this release, as you gaze off into the artwork and simultaneously your own consciousness, there’s something blissfully new and exciting about the whole journey.

Roman Kharkovsky and Blackmyth have collaborated before, you can trust in the work – you can turn to any one of these tracks for that late night escapism or that midday boost when the rat race gets a little too mundane. In fact, this is perhaps the strongest release yet. Dance Of Blue Shadows In Kyiv intrigues and satisfies, one after the other – creating uncommon ground yet embracing you once you’re there.

As an EDM fan, I’m hugely drawn in by this piece, those alternative raves that go on for days would revel in this kind of creative energy and dream-like arrangement of rhythm and optimism. Connecting the track by title to Ukraine even seems to add an extra element of appeal and mystery – certain parts of Europe hold some of the absolute best raves in the world. This track takes you there, if you want it to. At the same time, there’s a calming ambiance throughout the piece, meaning that it can be just as soothing as it is energizing – depending on what you need from it. Brilliantly crafted, a pleasure to experience at volume.

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