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Robin Lane Dirt Road to Heaven


Boston’s Robin Lane captures the fluidity of poetic thought and the essence of a timeless genre, with the beautifully organic, imagery-loaded EP Dirt Road To Heaven.

Beginning with its title-track, the project lays bare a low-toned, mellow and reflective mood, lyrically feeling somewhat pessimistic yet deeply-human and relatable, with organic musicianship creating a mildly more hopeful contrast.

It’s a humble introduction, followed unexpectedly by the folk stylings and tribal rhythms of Woman Like That. Suddenly gritty and melodically simple, this track raises the passion of the EP and ultimately follows an acoustic, stripped-back presentation to capture affection purely on the strength of its writing and bold performance.

Storytelling is a key aspect of this collection, and the versatility of music helps effectively reinforce the varied sentiments of each tale.

All I’ll Ever Need lightens the space a little, feeling like an indie pop-rock offering with a hopeful undertone and bright, expressive vocals. Then we get the sultry country twang and tones of Hurricane Watch, breathy and intimate in relaying another series of images and ideas that captivate.

Bringing things to a finish is a catchy stomp of a blues-rock anthem, a little Johnny Cash-like for one final twist of influence from across rock and folk’s history – Last Cute Minute is softly infectious and comforting in its nostalgic familiarity.

A fine collection of songs, timeless yet with contemporary references that subtly introduce a welcomed edge of originality. Robin Lane impresses and calms the mind, with the openness, vulnerability and rhythms of Dirt Road to Heaven.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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