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Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones She Can Flow


From the upcoming album Lights Are Burning, Rob Larkin joins forces with the writing style and vocal delicacies of Emily Smith for this bright new single She Can Flow. A simple and uplifting electric guitar riff sets the scene accordingly, a hopeful collection of notes then beautifully unite the music and the leading voices. The track’s rhythm and pace give off a folk-rock feel, with a touch of the more optimistic elements of blues-rock – adding an authentic dash of organic musicianship to an already easy-going, effective pop song.

The song works its magic pretty consistently – from the offset you’re surrounded by the warmth, the gentle glow of the soundscape. At over four minutes long, the whole thing really utilises the moment, showcasing emotional relevance and a clear passion for musical expression and creativity in general. The set-up reflects this further – the various sections keep things interesting, allowing the song to move out in the way that any classic, down-tempo pop song might. At the same time though, it feels like a fairly constant stream of joy and possibility. The chord progression and the beat have a rather hypnotic lightness about them, creating an effect not dissimilar to that of trip-hop music. It’s the simplicity and the energy that makes it work – it feels laid back, happy, accomplished, and content. So this is kind of how it makes you feel when you listen. That’s music doing precisely the sort of thing we turn to it for.

Rob Larkin writes and performs from a place of passion and experience, so the finish is always very polished, very well crafted, and simultaneously very natural seeming. The music appears as honest, effortless, as if this is simply what he does best; what he has to do. As a result, you can rely upon the sound to see you through any number of moments. It’s a great song, easy to get into. I look forward to checking out the album in full.

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